Why Sarasota Is Best City to Raise Families In Florida

Moving to a new city is fun and exciting. It's fun to anticipate the new things you'll see such as the ocean, especially if you've never seen one up close and personal. The excitement comes from waiting to unpack the moving truck, so you can run to the beach to dive in.

You'll be considering the best schools in the area, the best route to your new job, the location of grocery stores, churches, doctors, and shopping. You'll seek things the family can do such as attend local festivals, the zoo and aquarium, local ball games, fishing, swimming, boating, and other attractions.

More than anything else, though, you'll want to know the best places to live in Florida for families. The answer is Sarasota. It's the answer to the most important questions such as what are the best places in Florida for schools? What are the best cities in Florida to raise family? Let's examine the city and its neighborhoods more closely.

The Best City To Live In Florida For Families Is Sarasota, FL

When you check out a new city, you want to feel comfortable with the place's atmosphere and, most importantly, the residents' view of families with children. You want to fit in. You want to see smiles and hear happy hellos when you walk down the street towing the kids.

The South is that kind of place. Furthermore, since Florida is as far as the south gets, the state makes happily greeting newcomers almost its state motto. You can look all over the Internet for statistics about life in the Gulf Coast city, but you want to know what statistics can't tell you. You want to know if there are people in your age group, so you can make friends.

You don't find a lot of southern towns with a laid-back, friendly aura today. Most towns, southern or not, are filled with entrepreneurs, company headquarters, retail and wholesale options, and dozens of employees of all of them. They rush around, yakking on their cell phones, and have no time for a friendly smile or a “hi.” Sarasota, on the other hand, actually has that laid-back aura.

You'll meet those employees as well as those entrepreneurs and their families. If you're one of them, you'll see them at social events and all kinds of attractions around town. Being on the best places to live in Florida for families list ensures that most of the population works or brings new things into the state like technology, services, or products. Marriott and Costco are two of them.

Also keep in mind that middle-aged Floridians have families, too. Expect to see lots of kids around when birthdays, Mother's and Father's Days, and other holidays roll around. Once upon a time, Florida was for retirees. Today's older Floridians are founding their own companies, and keeping hospitals, insurance companies, and communications on the cutting edge. You'll definitely have something to talk about with these families.

Crime is everywhere, and it's not going away. The crime rate in the best neighborhood in Sarasota to raise family is quite a bit less, almost half, of what the crime rate is in similar cities, and that's violent crime. Property crime looks frightening in those cities (Tulsa and Honolulu.) It's about one-third the percentage in this Gulf Coast city. So the city isn't riddled with crime, but it's a sight better than in many comparable American cities.
The weather in Sarasota is ideal for raising families who want or need to spend more time outdoors. There are two seasons in Sarasota...the dry season and rainy season. The dry season lasts from October to May, and is mostly dry, less humid, windy and sunny. The rainy season lasts only from June to Sept and is marked by sunny days when you wake up, and then a nice, cool shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon to cool things down (it's a great spot for weather nerds like me to enjoy hearing the rolling thunder late in the day to mark the end of the work day). The below graph from WeatherSpark.com sums up the weather quickly in one chart.

Best Neighborhood In Sarasota To Raise Family

Some neighborhoods are built with an eye toward social gatherings. Neighborhoods like these include a community swimming pool, parks, lakes for canoeing and kayaking, hiking and biking trails, along with sports complexes and playgrounds.

Turtle Rock on Palmer Ranch is one such neighborhood. Seventeen lakes furnish residents with plenty of water sports and swimming. The basketball courts, playgrounds, and pool are available to residents for their pleasure. New homeowners will find lots of things to do not far from the neighborhood. Ten minutes away are Siesta Key and Casey Key beaches. A ten-mile trail called the Legacy Bike Trail runs alongside the neighborhood.

Surrounding the neighborhood are many very good golf courses such as the Prestancia golf course. New homeowners might participate in one of the clubs or social gatherings hosted here. The Turtle Rock Academy hosts plenty of fascinating presentations from which you can develop a wide base of knowledge.

Things to do not far away from the neighborhood include Sarasota Jungle Tours, marine cruises, kayak tours, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium, the Circus Arts Conservatory, and Bayfront Park to name just a few.

Also included in the best cities in Florida to raise family are highly rated schools. Looking up test scores on the Internet will tell you that the teachers do a good job of teaching our children. What about the students? Do the arts foster a spirit of learning in neighborhood schools? Do sports inspire character and confidence in our students?

The schools offer children places in the arts and sports along with accelerated learning such as the International Baccalaureate Programme, Advanced International Certificate of Education, and Advanced Placement. Sarasota schools rank high for a good reason.

Most of those moving to the Gulf Coast city has a job in hand when they arrive. For those who don't or whose signals got scrambled, there's plenty to do in this city. Are you an air conditioning professional? We have work for you. Are you an electrician? We have you covered. What about alarms, can you install them? Give us a call.

The best neighborhood in Sarasota for families is not far from Amazon, which has a huge presence in town with its warehouse. Positions such as marketing director, executive director, United States Secret Service agent, management in a dozen different areas are all available to the new homeowner seeking work.

When you live in a city famous for its keys (barrier islands,) sports, and its culture, you wonder who has lived here in the past. In fact, the Allman Brothers Band's Dickey Betts came from the city. AC/DC's Brian Johnson, Aerosmith's Joe Perry, circus founder Charles Edward Ringling, wrestler Randy Savage, TV personality Jerry Springer, and comedian Dick Smothers and many more are all from the city.

Did you know the city was home to the very first golf course in Florida and the second in America? You might want to check out the flourishing Amish community and their stores, restaurants, and wares. Did you know that the sands of Siesta Key Beach are 99 percent quartz? It vibrates highly with natural energy. Yoga, meditation, and drum circles are held on the beach to soak up these energies. One other fun fact about the city is that the Ringling brothers decided to make it their winter home for the circus. They introduced the arts and entertainment to the city with their winter presence.


When you seek residence in a new city, you're thinking of the most important things such as the best neighborhood in Sarasota for families. Schools, doctors, shopping, and dining are the first things you notice as you drive around. Then you drive through the neighborhoods with an eye toward parks, recreation, and groups of children whom yours might join.

The population is a little over 58,000, so the city has a small-town aura. Two hundred thirty-five police officers watch over them. Tourism is a big part of Sarasota's economy. The average high temperature is 90 degrees with the average low being 50 degrees. There is no snowfall, but a bit of rain.

While these are the basic facts of life in the city and its most desirable neighborhoods, new residents should know that the city has a laid-back, friendly feel to it. The schools rank high nationally. There is plenty of work if new residents seek it. City attractions include the arts, festivals, zoos, and botanical gardens, as well as food, music, and cool stuff to see. Welcome to sunny Florida, we're glad to see you!