Helpful Tips & Tricks For Living With Your Family and Dog in Sarasota

Living in Sarasota, Florida has been fantastic for our family. Almost every day you wake up to bright sunny skies, you have the opportunity to do a staycation anytime you want, you want to spend as much time outdoors as possible, when it's too hot you go to the beach or pool vs staying inside when it's too cold, you get a short cool season and the weather is absolutely perfect from mid-October to mid-May. Here are some other tips we've seen:

  • Get outside...look for things to do outside here
  • Pick a house outside of the evacuation areas of A/B/C - search for it for which county you are in (Sarasota's is here)
  • Put window film (they officially call it "security" film, but if it holds up against a strong kick break in and a baseball bat it'll hold up to winds)...our house was just fine after Ian. It's not a substitute for shutters if you are near the coast, but for 98% of situations inland you should be fine (and get daily benefit of lower cooling costs and privacy)
  • Alligators are a legit concern...within 6 months we had one on our front porch (reminding us to watch our kids and dog carefully)