Best of Sarasota, Florida (FL)

Here's a round up for some of the best there's available in and around Sarasota:

Best Beaches:

1. Lido/St. Armands: Lido Beach, located near the charming St. Armands Circle, offers soft sand, clear waters, and a vibrant atmosphere. Enjoy a day of sunbathing, swimming, and beachside activities. Stroll along the circle to explore boutique shops, art galleries, and delectable dining options.

2. Nokomis/Jetty Beach: Nokomis Beach, with its stunning white sand and picturesque views, is perfect for a family outing. Kids can enjoy playing in the gentle waves, building sandcastles, or exploring the nearby rock jetty. This beach is known for its tranquil ambiance and breathtaking sunsets.

Top Restaurants:

- Mi Pueblo: Savor authentic Mexican cuisine at Mi Pueblo, known for its flavorful dishes, vibrant atmosphere, and friendly service.
- Tijuana Flats: Enjoy Tex-Mex favorites and a casual dining experience at Tijuana Flats, where you can customize your meal with a variety of toppings and sauces.

- Tandoor Indian Cuisine: Indulge in the aromatic flavors of Indian cuisine at Tandoor, where you'll find a range of traditional dishes made with fresh ingredients and authentic spices.
- Curry Station: Delight in a fusion of North and South Indian flavors at Curry Station, offering a diverse menu and a cozy dining ambiance.

- Mr. Souvlaki: Experience the taste of Greece at Mr. Souvlaki, a family-owned restaurant known for its mouthwatering gyro sandwiches, flavorful kebabs, and traditional Greek salads.
- Troyer's Cafe: Enjoy Greek-inspired dishes with a modern twist at Troyer's Cafe, where you can savor classics like moussaka and spanakopita in a welcoming setting.

- Sal's Pizza: Treat your taste buds to delicious New York-style pizza at Sal's Pizza, offering a variety of toppings, crispy crusts, and generous portions.
- Joey D's Chicago Style Eatery: Dive into authentic Chicago-style deep-dish pizza at Joey D's, where you'll find a range of flavorsome toppings and a hearty crust.

- Café Amici: Experience the flavors of Italy at Café Amici, a charming Italian eatery known for its homemade pasta, wood-fired pizzas, and delectable desserts.
- Primo! Ristorante: Indulge in a fine dining experience at Primo! Ristorante, where you can enjoy classic Italian dishes crafted with locally sourced ingredients and a touch of culinary artistry.

- Rodizio Grill: Immerse yourself in the Brazilian churrascaria experience at Rodizio Grill, where succulent grilled meats are carved tableside and served alongside a selection of sides and salads.
- Brazilian Grill: Discover the flavors of Brazil at Brazilian Grill, offering an all-you-can-eat buffet with a variety of Brazilian dishes, including feijoada, picanha, and brigadeiros for dessert.

Top Schools:

- IVMS: Island Village Montessori School (K-8): Island Village Montessori School provides a nurturing environment and follows the Montessori method of education, fostering independence, creativity, and critical thinking skills in students.

- Pine View School (2-12): Recognized as one of the top public schools in the country, Pine View School offers a gifted education program for academically advanced students, providing a challenging and stimulating learning environment.

- Ashton Elementary: Ashton Elementary School is known for its strong academic programs, dedicated faculty, and supportive community. The school offers a well-rounded education and strives to create a positive learning environment for students.

Best Summer Camps for Kids:

- This sports-oriented summer camp offers a variety of activities such as soccer, basketball, baseball, and more. Kids can develop their skills while having fun in a safe and supportive environment.

- YMCA: The local YMCA branches offer summer camps with a wide range of activities including sports, arts and crafts, swimming, and outdoor adventures. Campers can make new friends and engage in structured and supervised programs.

- AcroFit: AcroFit offers a unique summer camp experience focused on gymnastics, tumbling, and acrobatics. Children can enhance their physical abilities while building strength, flexibility, and coordination.

- Alex's One: Alex's One summer camp provides a variety of engaging activities such as arts and crafts, science experiments, outdoor games, and field trips. The camp aims to create a fun and educational environment for children of all ages.

Best Shopping Areas:

- St. Armands: St. Armands Circle is a premier shopping and dining destination, offering a mix of upscale boutiques, art galleries, jewelry stores, and gourmet restaurants. Explore the unique shops and indulge in a day of retail therapy.

- Little Shops by Sarasota: Located in downtown Sarasota, the "Little Shops" area encompasses a charming collection of boutique stores, gift shops, and specialty stores. Discover hidden gems and find one-of-a-kind items.

- Big Mall: Sarasota is home to several large shopping malls, such as Westfield Sarasota Square Mall and The Mall at University Town Center. These malls feature a wide range of popular retailers, department stores, and dining options, providing a convenient and diverse shopping experience.

Whether you're seeking beachside fun, delectable dining experiences, quality education, engaging summer camps, or a shopping spree, Sarasota, Florida has something to offer for families with kids. Explore the best beaches, savor diverse cuisines, choose from top-notch schools, and engage your children in exciting activities and camps. Enjoy the vibrant culture and amenities that make Sarasota a fantastic place for families to live and visit.