Tesla Old Autos

The manufacturer of electric cars Tesla Motors Inc. began selling used versions of the Model S on its website transmits Wall Street Journal. The publication defines the movement as an important step for the manufacturer of luxury cars, which grew from a startup into a popular company.

The certification program, which Tesla started last week without much noise, allows for the purchase of models of the company at a lower price compared to that of new cars. There are maintenance and reliability check. Like other manufacturers of luxury cars Tesla offers extended four-year warranty on their used cars.

The first series vehicles offered for sale on the site are mostly those whose owners want to part with versions of Model S with wheel drive, which went on sale last year, reveals a company spokesman.

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Cars leased will begin to return to Tesla later this year as the first sales of cars were leased in 2012, and general lease term is 3 years.

According to WSJ sales of used cars is an important step for Tesla to attract new customers and to ensure that the use of the residual value of its models will be a new source of revenue.

Tesla does not use independent dealers. Therefore directly receive revenue from the sale of used cars. Usually used vehicles generate significantly higher margins compared to new car sales.

In this case, Tesla is not clear what will profit from this venture. Offers through the website are generally cheaper than those advertised on AutoTrader.com and offered by private sellers or independent car dealers.

One question that arises is how Tesla GPUs cope with their stock of used cars. At this point in the shops stand quite a few cars of Tesla, and those who are in showrooms are designed for tests and demonstrations. Against the background of the program for used cars and provided hundreds of cars that will be returned upon expiration of the leases, the company will have to store them until they are sold.

Tesla spokesman commented that the cars will be stored in areas in the US, and not necessarily in stores. If a customer ordered a used car, you can get it from a regional warehouse, Tesla or take advantage of the opportunity his company to deliver it personally.