Ford Increases Production

Automotive concern Ford again increased its production in its plant in the German states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Saarland. “The situation with new orders is encouraging,” said the director of the factory in Cologne Nernhard Matthes to the business magazine WirtschaftsWoche.

February Ford will introduce in Cologne and third shift. Thus it is expected production of the compact model Fiesta to increase by 300 units per day to 1,850 vehicles per day. Thus, the manufacturer will return to its record production in the first half of last year.

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Ford warned of overcapacity in Europe

In October and November in Cologne were introduced later shifts. The factory in Zaarluis does the volume of production has been increased immediately after the holidays to 1770 to 1530 cars before.

Europe is the region with the most problems for Ford. In the third quarter loss before tax for Ford there amounted to 439 million. Dollars compared to a loss of 182 million dollars a year ago.

Poor performance managers and explain the problems in Russia. In Germany, Ford has plants in Cologne-Niel Cologne-Merkenich and Zaarluis and Research Centre in Aachen.

At the beginning of last year appeared information that the Group is considering to move the assembly of Fiesta Cologne in Romania, where the company has a plant in Craiova. Rumor new Fiesta production under current conditions it would not be profitable in Cologne. In future employees will have to work more flexible, more efficient and cheaper than before.

When the manufacturer of mobile phones Nokia has decided to move production from Germany Bochum to Romania, the entire Federal Republic was gripped by protests. Romania is considered to be significantly less expensive destination than Germany – both in terms of labor costs, also in energy costs.

CAR data Institute at the University of Duisburg showed that labor costs in Romania are only 10 percent of labor costs in Germany – less than EUR 5 per hour. Assuming that, for example for the production of Fiesta takes 30 hours, the production in Germany, measured only in terms of labor costs, will be € 1,300 more expensive than in Romania.

Over the years, Ford Fiesta has become almost a symbol of Cologne, like the cathedral. As the only model to be assembled here, Fiesta, which is already in its seventh generation is almost irreplaceable. For 35 years there were assembled more than seven million vehicles of this type.

In 2013 the car’s best-selling small car in Europe. Almost all of the production is exported Cologne. Besides the small car division in the company in Cologne with a total of 17 300 employees produce engines, gearboxes and castings.